Many insurers will cover, or partially cover, treatments by a Registered Massage Therapist. These include many private insurers through extended heath plans, as well as MSP, ICBC, DVA, RCMP. Since there can be many factors that affect medical or insurance coverage for massage therapy, please look to your coverage plan. Listed below is a brief summary of the main insurers.

Employee Benefit Plans
Most extended medical plans will cover 75-100% of the treatment fees up to an annual limit. You should check with your insurer’s policy to confirm details and to determine if you require a doctor’s referral. You will pay directly at the time of treatment, and then submit your receipt to your insurer for reimbursement.

Payments are made directly to a Registered Massage Therapist by the DVA. If you provide me with your “K number”, I will contact DVA for you to determine the details of your coverage.

Premium Assistance
Medical Services Plan pays $23 per massage therapy visit (a portion of the visit) and allows for a total of 10 treatments per calendar year. There will also be a user fee with each visit. RMTs are primary contact providers therefore you do not require a physician’s referral for MSP coverage. If you make less than $28,000 income per year, you may qualify for government premium assistance.

Accepted claims are covered by ICBC for massage therapy under authorization by the claims adjuster and with a doctor’s referral. With ICBC you will pay us directly, then submit your receipt to your claims adjuster or lawyer for reimbursement.

Not accepting WCB at this time.